The most important point to not lose sight of, is that outreach is actually a two way street and needs to be looked at as an on-going process...

Building a successful user community, brings together people interested in learning, discovering, and sharing with others. A user group community can offer many adantages and benefits for individuals and the institutions they represent - as well as you - as it will help you grow your brand and build what matters to the community, by embracing them as an integral part of your success

A successful outreach program requires knowing and understanding different audiences and strategizing how best to reach them. These days, there is a steady demand for content through all possible communication channels, like social media, websites, and traditional marketing. To keep up with the crush, it’s easy to just fill these channels with content that serves your promotional goals but doesn’t meet potential or current customers’ needs. But customers will only pay attention to what you say if you first provide them with information that aligns with their concerns, goals, and priorities. How do you know what information is helpful to your customers? How about asking them?

A successful user community can be:

  • A way to help grow your brand and build what matters to the community, embracing them as an integral part of your success

  • A way to ask questions and get answers from other experts in the community.  It can serve as a "safe" environment where people don't need to feel uncomfortable asking questions

  • A way to connect you with potential leads, converting those leads to customers, bringing in additional revenue and measurable results

  • A way to keep up with trends, share best practices, build technical skills, and provide networking opportunites to its members 

Starting a group is no small task. It takes work, dedication, and committment but with proper planning it will all be worth it. Soon the group will have the potential to provide additional benefits on both a personal and professional level to its members and become a valuable asset to you.


We can help you establish the parameters by which to build a successful user/community group environment, by recognizing that any community needs to adapt and change in order to grow and continue to meet the needs of its participants.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us directly.

To keep momentum going, you must revisit what started it, reset goals, energize, recognize, and reward efforts.