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Ken Sadowski

Founder & CEO

During his almost twenty years at the University of Chicago, Ken was entrusted with the launch, operation and support of Blackboard Learn. His leadership built significant trust among the faculty in the services offered and the support provided in technology adoption for teaching and learning. As part of that work, he founded SLATE; the largest, most dynamic and well regarded Blackboard/LMS user group to date. In addition, he established and has led the SLATE conference, an annual gathering of technologists and educators from around the world, growing in attendees each year. Over the years, he has advised both new and mature client groups around the country, both in an effort to strengthen the reputation of SLATE and to bolster the adoption and support of technology in education.  SLATE has now grown into a self-sustaining personal and professional development group, providing resources, training and collaboration activities for institutions, and their staff, across the country.


As the Client Community Project Manager at Wiley Global Education, he grew and maintained a client database of over 2500 users. The project parameters were to provide creative solutions to inform and educate the faculty community and stabilize information exchange across the company and user community at-large, increasing awareness and identifying collaboration opportunities.


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"Ken is more than a client – he’s an industry partner. He has been a trusted advisor, savvy businessperson, and informed technologist with a keen understanding of how technology impacts education and business. His work leveraging technology adoption at The University of Chicago is impressive and has added tremendous value to the faculty and students at the institution. He would be a valued asset on any management team." -  Tim Hill, President & Co-Founder, Channel Rocket