Computer technology is embedded in our society in a way that the majority of people seem to take it for granted...

The mainstream of this society has quickly adopted computer technology as part of their daily life, and in doing so openened up to all the possibilities this technology has to offer. The ever growing group of elderly people (age 60 and older) in our society, which will grow from being about 20% of the population now, to being over 30% in the next twenty years, seems to have been forgotten in this matter.


With this growth and the fact that we all grow older in mind, the opportunities that technology could give this group is significant and should be considered. The ongoing advances of technology suggest that younger people’s experience with technology will not be a curcial advantage when they grow older. As rapidly as these advancement take place, it is important that all members of society be informed, and stay up with the latest trends.

What we can do:

  • Provide simple, straight-forward technology training programs to enhance your skills and understand the latest trends

  • Work with you - individually -  one-time, on-going, or on-call when you have questions or need assistance

  • Help set your social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to stay connected with friends and family 

  • Identify easy-to-use programs and services that will assist you with keeping track of appointments, notes, and reminders

  • Create learning programs designed to meet the specific needs of the baby-boomer and ever-growing elderly population

  • Remove any barriers that hold you back from using technology, such as anxiety towards computers and the feeling that technology is not relevant to older people

  • We specifically work with independent living, assisted living, senior centers, intermediate care facilities, etc., to establish programs and learning opportunities that will encourage and enhance technology usage for residence, keeping minds and bodies active