There is an ever-growing need to bring people, institutions, and resources together to leverage technology adoption in education ...

Simply stated, ENCORE Solutions connects people and institutions with services and resources while promoting brands, providing opportunities, and building communities to enhance the distinctive strengths, and needs of each partner. There are many educational institutions out there, looking to engage with technology solution providers. To help them better understand their needs and wants and to create more productive and innovative products and services. 


The community engagement process provides valuable insights into the community's values and priorities while at the same time educating the community on critical issues. This developing alliance between individuals, universities, and service providers is built on a foundation of paramount trust and understanding, which allows ENCORE Solutions to help you facilitate relationships, cultivate ideas, and inspire innovation.

What we can do:

  • Identify and connect you with institutional thought-leaders, those ready to embrace and commit to bringing new and engaging solutions to their institutions

  • Participate in two-way, outcome-based interviews with customers that are looking to focus on outcomes, not solutions, when it comes to product development and service integration

  • We can enable an ongoing dialogue that allows you to receive and share knowledge, be creative, ask questions, and share insights, experiences, stories, and opinions between you and and the client community at-large​

  • Help grow your brand and build what matters to the community embracing them as an integral part of your success

 If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us directly.


"Ken Sadowski is an energetic and high profile participant in the e-learning industry. He's the visionary behind of one of the largest and most successful community organizations in the Chicago area.  Through his leadership the group continues to produce a great conference focused on sharing best practices in online education, whether improving pedagogy or technology management. He's one of those people that steps into a breach and leads a dialogue while others breathe a sigh of relief for his energy and capability. We're all better for his contributions." - Ray Henderson, Managing Partner, Lessons Learned Ventures, LLC