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Among the essential skills we expect leaders to have is giving and receiving feedback.  Everyone needs to know how they are doing, what they might improve, what they are particularly good at, etc.  Feedback focuses on the past, and in particular on what you did recently.  And, that’s important in providing guidance on how you can do it better in the future.  more...


Making eLearning Accessible

While technology brings the world together in many ways, and enables content delivery on a much broader scale than ever before, challenges to content accessibility can still arise. It’s up to you to ensure that you’re designing your content for as many people as possible, including those with physical, sensory, or cognitive limitations or disabilities.

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eLearning 101: A Practical Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of eLearning. A place where you can create and deliver exciting and helpful instructional content, and then implement it online. If you haven’t switched over yet, what are you waiting for? eLearning has been proven to reduce training costs and offers authors the ability to easily create content that can be accessed anywhere, anytime by your learners.

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The Practical Guide to Flipping Your Classroom

Institutions have begun introducing non-traditional pedagogies that combine brick-and-mortar teaching with online, on-demand learning. Among all of the approaches to this “blended learning,” one has gotten more attention and gained the support of more educators than any other, the flipped classroom.

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Building Trust: Faculty Concerns about Online Education

Enrollment growth in online courses continues to outpace overall higher education rates. The adoption of online and blended learning is inevitable and accelerating. In this white paper, learn how faculty and administrators view the general quality of online learning. The results are surprising.

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Seven Things You Should Know About Competency-based Education (CBE)

CBE awards academic credit based on mastery of clearly defined goals. CBE replaces the conventional model; time is fixed and learning is variable, with time is variable and the learning is fixed.  Challenges facing higher education, combined with new models, have brought a new focus on CBE.

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A Guidebook for Using Social Media in the Classroom
The myth about social media in the classroom is that if you use it, students will be Tweeting, Facebook-ing and Snapchat-ing while you're trying to teach.  Don't mistake social media for socializing. They're different -- just as students talking as they work in groups, or talking while hanging out are different.

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